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Monday, February 18, 2013

Deus é Bom

The challenges of working on a cross cultural team, cross culturally, are mind boggling.  I must admit I felt a little disoriented when the group of 36 Brazilians streamed off the bus and wandered into our little church. 

Since only a few of them knew Spanish or English, I felt like I could do little more than smile to welcome them.  I was also a little uncertain how to greet someone from Brazil. 

Regardless of the obvious cultural awkwardness, I am thankful that God gave us a great weekend of ministry together. The group of families and singles, representing 2 churches in Brazil, traveled over 12 hrs by bus to get here. And they all had servant hearts.

They spent Sunday afternoon handing out tracts and invitations to the church. They also cooked enough food for everyone after morning worship. And two of the pastors preached during the church services.

They brought instruments as well as musical gifts and led music to give us a break.  We sang some of the songs together in Portuguese, and I marveled once again that one day people from every tongue and tribe will praise Him together with one voice.
Here's one of the songs we sang:  Tu és Bom

It's thrilling to see how God has grown the church in Brazil. These people are amazing testimonies. And their churches are faithfully supporting the mission work here. 

Thank you, dear brothers and sisters in Brazil for partnering with us.  I'll learn Portuguese next, I promise.

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  1. Thanks for the post & the link to the song. We just had a 4 day Portuguese celebration called a mantanca. I love my heritage & the language. My niece & I are determined to practice our Portuguese this year, so we will be ready for next years celebration. Oompa festa.